Nowadays we can see a remarkable development in micropigmentation, as a result of which not only the quality of the equipment and products is enhanced, but also new technologies are introduced, which helps to achieve better precision. Recently, many new methods in permanent cosmetic application have been designed and implemented successfully.

The advanced 3D technique which gives an amazing 3-dimensional effect is our exclusive offer for the most demanding clients. This technique yields impressive results when we have over-tweezed or thinned out eyebrows, no eyebrows, sunken, exhausted eyes, or small, thin, asymmetrical lips.


Using the 3D technique, we visually reconstruct and refill the missing hair in their natural line in a way that gives them a 3-dimensional effect of depth. The eyebrows are the “power feature” of the face and thanks to the method of micropigmentation we are able to design beautiful, permanent, real-looking eyebrows that have the potential to create a youthful lift.


Adopting the new technique of micropigmentation, we draw a precise line of pigment along the lashline and/or above it. This way we are able to bring out and add intensity to the iris of the eye. As a result, the eyes have a more intense and distinct look. Thanks to the 3D technique, we can achieve the effect of face lifting by slightly uplifting the outer corners of the eyes.


With the advanced 3D lip techniques like lining, light shading, and blending, we are able to add illusionary depth to the lip and make them appear fuller. As a result, the lips not only seem bigger, but also assume ideal, symmetrical shape and a more heightened, distinct colour. The client can choose between lip contouring, lip contouring with shading, and full lip filling.

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