Permanent makeup should enhance beauty and impart glow. But what if the makeup that you wear does not meet your expectations?

This may happen when the makeup was applied by an unqualified practitioner or the choice of pigment was poor. Unfortunately, there are undesirable outcomes when the technician lacks experience and knowledge of colorimetry and advanced colour mixing techniques. Sometimes the pigment chosen for permanent makeup changes colour over time. Corrective pigmentation can solve this problem.

For instance, it will let you get rid of purple, red, ashy, or blue brows. At Aleksandra Górecka’s Institute, we offer corrective permanent makeup treatments. Corrective pigmentation helps to return to the natural skin tone and to give your facial features an even and flattering shape.

It is not recommended to wait until the previous permanent makeup disappears or becomes lighter. Instead, it is necessary to perform a correction, which involves getting rid of the unwanted pigment until it becomes completely invisible. In its place, a corrective pigment colour is implanted by a professional.


Some events that we experience can be real life-changers. When we suffer from serious illnesses that involve exhaustive and lengthy treatments like chemotherapy, we suffer from side effects like becoming bald or losing eyebrow hair and lashes. It is very uncomfortable, especially for women, and lowers our self-esteem.

In these cases, permanent makeup comes as a great confidence builder and proves helpful, both physically and emotionally. It rediscovers the beauty that lies in every individual. Scars and skin imperfections from surgeries, burns, or other injuries can be easily camouflaged using medical micropigmentation, which helps patients to regain confidence and comfort after complicated operations.

Facial burns, scars from injuries and surgical operations, vitiligo, and other blemishes can often be dramatically diminished through applying a pigment colour that corresponds and blends in with the natural skin tone. Still, it is important to realize that these are demanding procedures that require patience. We need to bear in mind that not every scar can be concealed by performing a pigmentation procedure. For clients who have patches of discoloured skin though, these procedures bring about satisfying effects.

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