Only at the Institute of Permanent Makeup, the basic training MASTERCLASS level 3 involves as much as 90% of hands-on experience. It is very important because when actually observing and performing procedures under the supervision of our qualified instructor, you will improve your manual skills and correct possible mistakes.

Basic 4-day training

The basic training in permanent makeup is a 4-day programme, during which the trainees, apart from acquiring new knowledge in theory classes, perform procedures on live models with different beauty types. The permanent makeup procedures involve eyebrow, lip, and eyeliner pigmentation.

Basic 6-day training

Especially for practitioners who need more hours of hands-on practice, we have designed an extended version of the MASTERCLASS level 3 training – a basic 6-day training. Additional 2 days of training allow the trainees to perform even more procedures on models of different beauty types.

Basic 2-day training

Thinking of people who want to specialize in one direction permanent makeup – eyebrows or lips,we created MASTERCLASS basic 2-day training. It takes two days, during which students are familiar with the theory and practice of performing permanent makeup lips or eyebrows.

  • health and safety regulations guideline
  • colour and pigment theory
  • pigment mixing
  • essential supplies
  • equipment overview
  • hygiene module technology
  • dermatology, skin types in permanent makeup practice
  • pigmentation techniques
  • face anatomy, forms and shapes
  • discussion of client expectations, initial marking
  • evenning out unwanted asymmetry
  • procedure plan
  • aesthetics
  • consent forms
  • post-procedure care instructions
  • health risks and dangers
  • consultation and client profile
  • permanent eyebrow makeup using the new hair technology and shading technique, practice
  • lip lining and filling
  • lower lash eyeliner, top lash eyeliner

Basic 4-day training – the base case

Basic 6-day training – the base case + two days practice

Basic 2-day training – major: LIPS or EYEBROWS

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