MASTERCLASS I- Medical micropigmentation is an innovation in the world of permanent makeup. This special treatment is not aimed only at enhancing and bringing out the natural beauty, but also at reducing scars and skin imperfections after surgeries, burns, and sickness. For clients who have undergone medical treatment, these beauty restoration procedures are nothing short of a miracle.

The micropigmentation procedure considerably improves the appearance and helps to regain mental well-being for people who have undergone serious operations, like chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Loss of hair, lashes, and eyebrows are very often for the patient an inevitable outcome of illness, therefore medical pigmentation is often performed before the hospital treatment begins to avoid the unpleasant feeling of not having any lashes and eyebrows. This procedure involves creating a 3D design with a selection of the appropriate pigment.

The procedure of medical micropigmentation is an enormous confidence-booster for women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery. In the process of areola repigmentation, the shape and colour of the areola are reconstructed and the pigment colour is adjusted. Several carefully selected pigment shades are used to mimic light and shadow, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional object.  The result is a natural, incredibly realistic areola.

Thanks to medical micropigmentation, it is possible to conceal scars that come as an effect of burns and surgeries. For instance, the makeup professional can camouflage a scar after cleft lip repair or a scar after face-lift treatment.

A well-matching pigment evens out the colour and, as a result, the scar becomes much less visible. Medical pigmentation cannot remove the thick scarred area, yet it can adjust the colour of the scar to match the client’s skin tone, which in the end gives a very satisfactory result.

Another perfect solution that the procedure of medical micropigmentation offers is scalp hair simulation. In this procedure, the spot lacking hair is targeted, pigments are matched to the surrounding hair and the colour is applied onto the space resulting in real-looking scalp hair.  This is a wonderful procedure that boosts patient’s self-confidence.

    DAY 1
    • eyebrow repigmentation
    • camouflage of previous permanent makeup

    DAY 2
    • permanent reduction of vitiligo (theory)
    • levelling out burn and injury scars (theory)
    • permanent softening and removing facial and neck wrinkles
    • scalp hair and beard simulation (practice on the phantom)

    DAY 3
    • areola repigmentation (practice on the phantom)
    • creating perfect shape and colour of areola (practice on the phantom)
    • camouflaging scars after cleft lip repair

Upon completing the training, you will be awarded a certificate. The best possible colour results can perform for as much as 1-3 years.

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