The Elite Expert Masterclass training course covers the programme of all the levels and degrees:

  • MASTERCLASS III – basic training
  • MASTERCLASS II – correction and camouflage
  • MASTERCLASS I- medical micropigmentation


The Elite Expert Masterclass training, developed by the International Institute of Permanent Makeup, is a comprehensive programme, during which trainees are educated and practice performing permanent makeup applications, corrections, camouflage, and medical micropigmentation.

Unfortunately, there is a wide range of trainings offered on the market that aim at promoting professional salon equipment and which include skill practice only as an add-on. Few hours devoted to hands-on practice that are included in their courses lead to situations where the new permanent makeup practitioner does more harm to the client than good.

Our instructors give much importance to being able to demonstrate effective makeup techniques during workshops. The emphasis is placed on practical skills.  Each student learns at a different pace. We will help you to understand the complete process until you feel comfortable with the technique and competent to perform professionally.

It is necessary to find out before the procedure if the practitioner has been tested and found competent, and has the right certification. It will help you to avoid unpleasant experiences related to the practitioner’s incompetence or the use of unattested fake products that flood our market.

We encourage you to choose high quality trainings, during which you will learn thoroughly the application of advanced techniques, including 3D makeup, which will prepare you to perform micropigmentation procedures.

Apart from mastering the permanent makeup application techniques, it is important to build a good rapport with the client. Our staff will teach you how to listen and understand his needs and expectations. We will also share our knowledge of best practices and the right approach to this profession, as well as the responsibility that it involves.

We strive to maintain our services at the highest level. We guarantee friendly atmosphere, innovative solutions, and top class equipment. We teach what has made the International Institute of Permanent Makeup one of the most prestigious and successful training institutes nationwide. We meet all European Union standards held by the permanent makeup industry. Our venue is properly equipped and the equipment is certified.

  • health and safety regulations guideline
  • pigment mixing
  • discussion of how skin undertones and pigments work together
  • additional supplies
  • equipment overview
  • hygiene module technology
  • dermatology, skin types in permanent makeup practice
  • pigmentation techniques
  • face anatomy, forms and shapesclient information form, discussion of client expectations (we will demonstrate how to use your interpersonal skills to gain your client’s trust and how to learn about his medical history and expectations about the procedure)
  • initial marking
  • evenning out unwanted asymmetry
  • procedure plan
  • aesthetics
  • consent forms
  • post-procedure care instructions
  • health risks and dangers
  • consultation and client profile
  • permanent eyebrow makeup using the new hair technology and shading technique, practice
  • lip lining and filling
  • lower lash eyeliner
  • top lash eyeliner
  • decorative line
  • perfecting pigmentation techniques, 3D technique
  • advanced techniques of correcting the most common mistakes in permanent makeup
  • removing pigment
  • camouflage of previous permanent makeup
  • eyebrow repigmentation
  • permanent reduction of vitiligo
  • levelling out burn and injury scars
  • permanent softening and removing facial and neck wrinkles
  • scalp hair and beard simulation
  • areola repigmentation
  • adjusting the shape and colour of areola
  • camouflaging scars after cleft lip repair

Upon completing the course, you will be awarded a certificate of training. During workshops, you will work on live models from the International Institute of Permanent Makeup.

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