Aleksandra Górecka – Master Trainer, the owner of the International Institute of Permanent Makeup and European Training Academy is the originator and founder of  “ELITE” – the World Permanent Makeup Association. Observing ongoing popularization of cosmetic treatments and permanent make up training courses and being in constant contact with her course participants and PMU artists, she decided to create the space to associate with them all .
 “ELITE” – the World Permanent Makeup Association takes as its mission ongoing professional development of PMU artists, recordkeeping of permanent cosmetic trainers as well as supporting all the projects focusing on popularization of permanent makeup.

Chapter I
General Provisions

1)    The Association is known as “ELITE” World Association of Permanent Makeup in accordance with further statute provision to name Association.
2)    It is an Association of natural or legal parties, joined together in order to support and inciation of an activities in the range of popularisation of the newest make up trends as well as broadly defined activity in the lingerists market and interests in the newest methods and accomplishments in the range of visage/make up artists. Territory of Poland is an area of the Association activity with the main office based in Koszalin, with the possibility of visage shows and contests arrangements/organisation abroad.
3)    In order to achieve defined objectives the Association can operate in the other Countries which must be done with the full respect for the rule of law.
4)    The Association is made open-endedly by two or more parties who come together in a bond of loyalty and trust to achieve defined objectives. Has a legal personality. Is operating in accordance with Act regulations dated 7th April 1989 Law on Associations (Journal of Laws of 2001, Nr 79, position. 855 with later changes) and in accordance with this statute.
5)    The Association can become a part of other domestic and/or international Organisations with similar objectives.
6)    The Society can use badges and stamps in accordance with specific legislation.
7)    The Society activity is primarily based on its member’s voluntary work.
8)    The Chairperson and the members of the Executive Board could be employed in the following situations:
a)    To perform tasks that are impossible to be carried on and implemented within the existing social function responsibilities.
b)    In the situation where the work carried for the Association by a functional person corresponds with full time daily engagement and/or is preventing an employment within another Company.

Chapter II
Objectives And Means

1)    The Society objectives are:
a)    Lingersists increased activity in order to improve the skills and broaden their knowledge in the range of their profession, particularly:
Supporting Society members in the implementation of ventures and projects in regards with the newest make up trends,
Organisation of the training courses with regards to the new permanent make up methods and techniques,
Meetings organisation in order to share experiences between lingerists,
Organisation of the regional competitions as well as national and international competitions in the range of make up,
Popularisation of the newest permanent make up equipment,
Promotion of the latest cosmetics (pigments) available and used in the permanent make up beauty parlour,
Sponsors search in order to promote the idea of “beauty in all age groups”,
Provision of the legal assistance to the lingerists and representation of their interests externally,
Organisation and support of varied activity forms in the effort of lingerists support,
b)    Supporting activities of organisations operating in order to popularisation of the permanent make up
2)    The Society is realising its objectives via:
a)    Gaining and distribution of the information on individuals willing to work for the Society and wishing to make use of its help
b)    Organisation and chairing of the trainings, courses and competitions related to permanent make up performance
c)    Cooperation with third party institutions, organisations and other bodies in the country and abroad in order to organise seminars, meetings, competitions, shows and ceremonies related to the permanent make up
d)    Gaining of the materials as well as preparation and distribution of the advertising materials and publicity involving permanent make up
e)    Conducting activity in efforts towards European integration and expanding contacts as well as collaboration between lingerists

Chapter III
Members – Rights and Obligations

1)    Any natural or legal person can join and become a member of the Association. The legal person can only present as the Supporting member.
2)    The Association is made of the following members:
a)    Full members
b)    Supporting members
c)    Honorary members
3)    Each natural person can join the Society as a Full member, once the following is complete:
a)    written declaration of membership issued
b)    positive opinion from two existing members of the Association provided
4)    Joining as the full member relies on written declaration of membership based on decision made by the Association Executive Board.
5)    Any natural or legal person declaring provision of material, financial and substantive support can join the Association as a Supporting member.
6)     Joining as the Supporting member relies on written declaration of membership based on decision made by the Association Executive Board.
7)    Joining as the honorary member is based on proven an outstanding input into the activity and development of the Association.
8)    The Honorary membership is approved at the General Meeting by the formation of Shareholders upon application of 10 existing members.
9)    The Full member has the right to:
a)    Passive and active participation in the election of the Association Authorities
b)    To make use of possessions, assets and any other forms of the Association activity
c)    Participate in the meetings, lectures and events organised by the Association
d)    Make proposals regarding the Association activity
10)    The Full member has the obligation to:
a)    Participation in the Association activity and fulfilment of its objectives
b)    Respect for the Association articles, resolutions and decisions
c)    Regular contribution fees payment
11)    Supporting and Honorary members do not have the power to neither passive or active participation in the election of the Association Authorities but can provide an advisory opinion in regards to Association statutory powers, aside from this the rest of the rights remains as for the Full members.
12)    The Supporting member has an obligation to fulfil services declared and to respect articles and decisions made by the Association Authorities
13)    The Honorary membership is free from contribution fee payment
14)    Loss of the membership can happen as a result of the following:
a)    A letter of resignation submitted into the hands of the Association Authorities
b)    Termination of the membership by the Association Authorities:
Based on offences against statutes, rules and decisions made by the Association Authorities
Based on notorious absence in taking part in the Association works
Based on six months contribution fees debt
On a written request of three existing Association members
c)    Loss of the civil rights in accordance with the judgement of the Court
d)    The member death and loss of the legal personality by the legal person
15)    Each member has the right to make an appeal against shareholders decision/resolution regarding acceptance or dissmision of the membership; this is done by submitting an appeal for the General Meeting of Shareholders. Decision made by General Meeting of Shareholders is final.

Chapter IV
The Association Executive Board

1)    The Association Executive Board is represented by
a)    General Meeting of Shareholders
b)    Management Board of the Association
2)    The Association controlling organ is represented by Auditing Commission – Audit Committee.
3)    The elected members Board terms of office lasts three years with election taking a place at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
4)    Decisions/resolutions are made via open voting by the majority of votes cast in the presence of at least half of the generally entitled to vote members. If needed, secret voting shall be ordered by the General Meeting members.
5)    In the case of resignation, loss, dissmision or death of the Association Authority member during the term of office, the authority has a right of co-optation although the number of co-opted members may not exceed one third of the number of members elected.
6)    General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest authority of the Association. General Meeting participation is made as follows:
a)    Full members with a casting vote
b)    Supporting and Honorary members as well as guests invited with an advisory vote
The General Meeting
7)     General Meeting of Shareholders can take place in a form of ordinary general meeting as well as extraordinary general meeting.
8)    Ordinary General Meeting happens on an annual basis upon request of the Association Executive Board. Each member is notified on the date, time and place 14 days prior to the meeting.

9)    Extraordinary General Meeting can happen at any time on the request of Association Authority and on its initiative as well as upon request of Audit Committee or upon written request submitted by at least one third of full members of the Association.
10)    General Meeting decisions/resolutions are made based on the majority of votes at the first attempt – in presence of at least half of the members with rights to vote, at the second attempt – regardless of the number of members presented.
11)    Competence of the General Meeting includes:
a)    Describing general direction for the activities and development of the Association
b)    Legislation of the statute changes
c)    Election as well as dissmision of all Association Authority members
d)    Granting discharge to the Association Authority upon request of Audit Committee
e)    Examination and investigation of the Association Authority and Audit Committee performance reports
f)    Budged making decisions
g)    Setting up contribution fee rates as well as every other benefits in favour of the Association
h)    Passing the resolutions in regards of Honorary membership approvals
i)    Association Authority reports handling and approval
j)    Examination and handling of the applications and demands upon request of the Association members or its Authorities
k)    Examination of appeals from the Association Authority decisions/resolutions
l)    Passing resolutions in regards of termination of the Association and allocation of its assets
m)    Passing resolutions in regards of every matter brought to the table as well as every aspect and matter not reserved for the Supervisory Board of other Association Authorities
12)    Unless otherwise specified in the notification regarding second date of the General Meeting, the General Meeting happens at the same place one hour later.
13)    The Management Board is established for the effective directing the activity of the Association in accordance with resolutions/decisions of the General Meeting Shareholders.
14)    The Management is made of three bodies: President, Vice-President and Treasurer. President and Vice-President, both are being chosen from amongst its members by the Association Authority.
15)    Management Board meetings are convented by the President (or Vice-President on the behalf of the President) if necessary at least four times a year.
16)    Competence of the Management includes:
a)    Fulfilment of the Association objectives
b)    Execution of decisions made by the General Meeting of Shareholders
c)    Cautious planning of work and budget
d)    Reports of the Management Board in regards to Association assets
e)    Decision making in regards to procurement, disposal and encumbrance of the Association assets
f)    Representing  Association to the third party and externally
g)    Holding of the General Meetings
h)    Members acceptation and deletion
i)    Dispute arising at the background of the Association activity settlement mechanism
17)    Management decisions are made based on majority of votes in the presence of at least two of the Management members.
18)    Supervisory Board meetings can be attended by the Chairman of Audit Committee as well as Association members invited, who can participate in the meeting with an advisory vote.
19)    Supervisory Board meetings shall be recorded in minutes or drawn up in writing and signed by the President or Vice-President.
20)    Two of the Management Board members – President and Vice-President together, are authorised to commitment of expenditure from the assets.
21)    Signature of either the President of Vice-President is required for any documentation and letters validity.
Audit Committee
22)    Audit Committee is established for the effective control of the Association activity.
23)    Audit Committee is represented by the three bodies: the Chairman of the Audit Committee, his Deputy and Secretary.
24)    The Audit Committee bodies cannot function as the members of Association Management Board at the same time.
25)    The Audit Committee bodies cannot be employed by the way of relationship, direct affinity or be subordinated to the Management Board members in any means.
26)     The Audit Committee member cannot be represented by any individual who has been convicted for an intentional crime by a legally binding court verdict.
27)     Competence of the Audit Committee includes:
a)    Annual control of the Association activities
b)    Tabling the reports on monitoring at the General Meeting of Shareholders
c)    Right to request the General Meeting of Shareholders as well as right to request Management Board meeting
d)    Right to request discharge to all members of the Association Authorities
e)    Tabling the reports on its activities at the General Meeting of Shareholders
28)    Audit Committee decisions are made based on majority of votes.
29)    Audit Committee Chairman has the right to participate in the Management Board meeting with the advisory vote

Chapter V
Budget And Assets

1)    In general, the Association budget is made of contribution fees, government and local government unit funds, inheritance, grant, sponsorship agreement, bequest, public fund-raiser as well as any other creditors’ funding.
2)    Any funds shall be kept in the Association bank account only.
3)    The Association financial business is carried in accordance with local requirements.
4)    Decisions in regards to procurement, disposal and encumbrance of the Association assets are made by the Management Board.
5)    Any conclusion of contracts and agreements, granting a power of attorney, any authorisation and making a declaration of intent/will in regards to assets requires the signature of both, President and Vice-President for its validity.

Chapter VI
Final Provisions

1)    Decisions in regards of the statute changing as well as the decision in regards of termination of the Association, both are made by the General Meeting of Shareholders based on the majority of votes (2/3), in the presence of at least half of the members with the rights to vote.
2)    In case of deciding upon termination of the Association the General Meeting of Shareholders describes the termination manner as well as the disposition of the Association’s assets.
3)    In any matters not regulated by this statute and its procedure conditions shall be settled on the basis of the regulations in accordance with the Act of the Law on Associations.


ALEKSANDRA GÓRECKA – Management Board President
RADOSŁAW BUDZYŃSKI – Management Board member
SANDRA LEWIŃSKA – Management Board member


Maja Pilarska

Sandra Lewińska

Wanda Włodarczyk

Monika Huzar

Edyta Klebanowska

Aleksandra Krzemińska

Elżbieta Myszkier

Dorota Niebieszczańska

Renata Sławińska

Aneta Kuziko – Kemuś

Anna Kaczanowska

Katarzyna Czarlińska

Stanisława Wierzbicka


1. The Association Statute (download)

2. The Association tax identification number (download)

3. The Association Polish Company Register (download)

4. The Association  National Business Registry Number (download)

5. Entry notification slips (download)


“ELITE” Polish Association of Lingerists is made of the following members:
a) full members
b) supporting members
c) honorary members

Becoming the Full member of Association is based on:
1)    The permanent make up training course completion at the International Institute of Permanent Makeup
2)    Filling in the Entry Notification Slip (download) and forwarding on documentation needed with particular reference to the diploma confirming permanent make up course training completion as well as providing the positive opinion of the two existing members of the Association.

Becoming the Supporting member of Association is based on:
1)    Issuing of the declaration in writing based on Association Authority resolution/decision.
Becoming the Honorary member of Association is based on:
1)    Proven an outstanding input into the activity and development of the Association.


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