SCALP HAIR MICROPIGMENTATION – 1-day training course dedicated to hairdressers

Scalp hair micropigmentation provides an immediate cosmetic solution for hair loss and is a procedure dedicated to both men and women. In this treatment, natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles or strands. The pigmentation results will last approximately 2 years before requiring a booster to restore lost pigment.

Hair loss and hair thinning are common problems among people. Especially among men of different age, gradual hair loss leads to unattractive balding. A well-performed scalp hair micropigmentation is a perfect solution for those men who wish to achieve a real-looking, dense hair look.

Women very often suffer from hair loss and hair thinning that comes as a result of age or badly damaged hair affected by hair colouring treatments. Thin, sparse hair is a problem of many women. The treatment of scalp hair micropigmentation helps to hide sparse hair by using the shading technique and customizing the hair simulation artistry to your personal skin tone and hair texture.

Scalp hair micropigmentation is not a medicinal treatment, but a safe and permanent method of hair simulation that brings miraculous effects for both men and women.

The SCALP HAIR MICROPIGMENTATION training course is dedicated to hairdressers and permanent makeup artists who wish to extend their range of services to include the innovative procedure of scalp hair camouflage.

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