MASTERCLASS II – Correction and camouflage

MASTERCLASS level 2 – this training focuses on corrective makeup of the previous, badly performed procedures and scar camouflage. It is especially dedicated to those permanent makeup technicians who wish to acquire specialist qualifications and to set their work above the rest. Correction and camouflage are one of the most demanding procedures in permanent makeup. Their aim is to correct the disastrous effects of badly performed procedures that come as a result of injecting pigments too deep into the skin or choosing pigment colours that don’t match the client’s skin tone.

The most desirable effects are achieved after 2-4 corrective procedures, which makes this process long. One of the most common examples of mistakes are too dark, blue, purple, or chocolate lips, the upper lip lined too high, uneven eyebrows of unnatural shape and colour, or crooked and uneven eyeliner.

Learning the advanced techniques of correction and camouflage procedures is another critical step on the way to becoming a perfect makeup artist. Performing the procedures of correction and camouflage requires great precision and responsibility. At the International Institute of Permanent Makeup you will learn the right approach and necessary techniques to become an expert in this field.

MASTERCLASS level 2 training  – correction and camouflage explores the secrets of permanent makeup on an advanced level. The trainees learn the theory of colorimetry and learn how to correct and camouflage the undesirable outcomes of previous permanent makeup failures. The MASTERCLASS level 2 training is another critical step on the way to becoming a perfect makeup artist.

What are the benefits of training at the International Institute of Permanent Makeup? The competitiveness of beauty salons that apply permanent makeup is increasing, but the truth is that very few of them offer corrective treatments.

MASTERCLASS level 2 training – correction and camouflage is an in-house designed, proprietary course programme, designed by professional instructors, which guarantees the graduates an excellent preparation for corrective and camouflage procedures. What is more, upon completing the training, you will be awarded a certificate of training (translated into English and German) which authorizes you to set up your own beauty salon nationwide and in all European Union countries.

The training in permanent makeup, offered by the International Institute of Permanent Makeup, involves the highest number of hands-on practice (90%) on live models.

For those of you who have already learned the advanced techniques of correction and camouflage, we have designed another training course: Medical micropigmentation.

    DAY 1
    • health and safety regulations guideline
    • evenning out undesirable asymmetry
    • colorimetry
    • perfecting pigmentation techniques
    • advanced techniques of correcting the most common mistakes in permanent makeup

    DAY 2
    • discussion of trainee’s performance and work results
    • analysing difficulties and finding solutions
    • correcting previous mistakes
    • decorative line

    DAY 3
    • discussion of how skin undertones and pigments work together
    • removing unwanted pigment
    • camouflage of previous permanent makeup mistakes

The best possible colour results can perform for as much as 1-3 years.

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